Mock ISEA2014 Commercial

Created by Shamma A., Alia Al S., and Lamya H.
This piece was cut together using iMovie.

Created in Digital Video course, 2014.   This peice showcases various locations in the Emirates, and all footage was shot especially for this peice, on location, by the artists.  Amongst the project's objectives were to challenge students to work out in the real world, outside the confines of the classroom space, and really work as a team.  The soundtrack for this peice is an original piece of music created by a known UAE musician, especially for this piece, a friend of Lamya's.

Experimental Short

Created by Hessa J.
Shot on the student's own camera and tripod, edited using  iMovie software.

Created in the digital video course, 2014.  This project explored symbolism, and the use of personal history as subject matter.  The objects shown in this video are meaningful objects woven into this abstract narrative.  The dialogue was recorded separately in a recording studio, and overlayed onto the peice.

Melodic Feminism

Created by Ameena J.
This project is about manipulating and structuring composition in Adobe After Effects.

Created in 2014.  The project is about the notion of uprising of Half Emirati women as musicians. There is a cultural perception associated women and music in UAE that states women are not allowed to practice music because it is a masculine practice. It is also another perception of women being undervalued through music because of the entertainment factor. Yet with this project, I illustrate the identities of Half Emiratis musicians who strongly believe in their cause. Being half Emirati is not as bad as people think, our other half side allowed us to have the strengths to build our musical talents.


The concept relies on identity and music, and how both allow the flow of creativity to embrace the existence of strong Emirati women. The participants were happy to demonstrate the concept and emphasize on promoting music within the society as part of rich culture, and also not only for men. Music then becomes part of personal and collective identities, which then is seen in the video.

Thanks to Anoud S., Asma B., Amina A., Afra M., Khulood K., Khulood R., Sarah M.

Type in Motion

Created by Hessa H.
This project is used to round out this portfolio with some motion graphics work done by hand in Adobe After Effects.

Created in 2015.  The project consists of over 20 videos with different fonts that Hessa created in order to create inspirational Arabic quotations.  She combined these meticulously created text in motion peices with time lapse clips of nature which she shot specifically for this set of pieces.  If you click on the vimeo link, you can see more of the videos from this series.  Do make sure to watch it in HD (sometimes it looks pixilated depending on wix templates) .